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Liberty Bell 13. Juni 2011



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Sunday Juli 15, 2007 P-51 "Lou IV"

A 42-year-old Thousand Oaks man was killed Sunday morning after the plane he was flying on his first solo flight crashed and flipped at Camarillo Airport.


Oshkosh P-51 Accident 2007

P-51 Mustang collides another P-51 Mustang At Oshkosh 2007

44-74404       N151RJ     " Dazzling Donna " Video


Sunday, 30 May 2004

P51c Tuskegee Airmen Thumb CAF's P-51C Crashes at Red Wing Sunday, 30 May 2004

Spitfire Rep. 3/4

Taking-off for his last show. He crashed few minutes later for unknown reason. Dittingen Switzerland August 20, 2005



Messerschmitt Bf109 G-BOML 25.09.1999

  • G-BOML C.4K-107 HA-1112-M1L "Luftwaffe Red 3" Old Flying Machine Company/Breitling Fighters (crashed & dest., Sabadell ESP 25.09.1999)


  • Mark Hanna 6. August 1959 - 26. September 1999 Sabadell, Spain
  • Mark's logbook with 4500 Hr. on 100+ types.



P-38 Lockheed Lightning 'California Cutie'

The picture below is a picture of the wonderful P-38 Lockheed Lightning 'California Cutie'. Unfortunately she crashed at the Flying Legends Air - Show at Duxford in July 1996. 


Duxford GB. Der Pilot Proudfoot setzte nach einer Rolle zu einer zweiten an, verlor dabei an Höhe und schlug in der Folge mit der linken Tragflügel auf.

Video vom Crash


spitfire crash video


  TE566 South Africa, crashed  on 25 April 2002 killed Mike Snoyman.

25 April: The last remaining airworthy Spitfire (Mk IXe /TE566) in South Africa crashed and was destroyed, killing owner/pilot Michael Snoyman. He was reportedly flying the aircraft home to its base at Wonderboom Airport near Pretoria, when the engine lost power in the traffic pattern.




During the annual Flying Legends the RN Historic FLight Firefly crashed. During it's display it crashed in a field near the M11 motorway. Both occupants were killed in the crash. Our thoughts are with the families and friends of both pilots. For a official statement by the IWM and RNHF click here: IWM or RNHF. 

Airshow Report: 12 July 2003 - Flying Legends, Duxford, United Kingdom
THE show for the warbirds enthousiast. This line-up of this year's edition consisted of 11 Spitfires, 4 Hurricanes, 6 Mustangs, 3 Corsairs and a few other warbirds. A total of 50 attended this show. Tragedy struck when the RNHF Firefly crashed during it's display. Unfortunately both occupants didn't survice the crah. For a photo report and participants list click here.

Firefly/WB271 - Destroyed in fatal crash at airshow, 12 July 2003.




- Destroyed in fatal crashed, Biggin Hill Air Fair, UK,   3. Juni 2001

Commemorative Air Force Heinkel He111 crashes en-route to airshow  10.07.2003
The World's only flying Heinkel He111 crashed on 10 July 2003 on it's way to an airshow in Missoula MT. On final approach to Cheyenne Municipal Airport, Wyoming the aircraft reported to have engine problems. Both pilots were killed in the crash. Our thoughts are with the family and friends of both pilots. For an official news release of the CAF click here. 

B26 Marauder "Carolyn" N5546N

Am 28. September 1995 war für die Airshow der Confederate Airforce in Texas ein Testflug vorgesehen. Um 10.56 Uhr stürzte "Carolyn" 18 Meilen südlich von Odessa in ein Oelfeld. alle fünf Mann an Bord kamen ums Leben.


"Carolyn" was lost, along with all 5 crewmembers 28 September 1995 in Odessa Texas, on a training flight, soon after manufacture and replacement of the ring spar.

P51 "Temptation" 44-73027 3. Sept. 1998 / killed Pilot Christian Schweizer + his son

P51 "Miss Ashley"

  killed Pilot Gary Levitz Reno 18.9.1999 


Corsair BU97280

Bruce L. Pruett/Tillamook Naval Air Museum, - Registered as N503MH, Mar. 1958.
Tillamook, OR, Nov. 1996-1997.
- Restoration completed, Medford, OR.
- Registered as N7973.
- First Flight, Jan. 8, 1997.
- Destroyed in fatal crash, June 6, 1997. Jeffrey Ethell killed.

B-17G 44-85643 'Chateau de Verneuil' F-BEEA, 

Crashed 25. July 1990

Tragedy for one of the airframes, although fortunately not the crew, struck on July 25 when F-BEEA swung on take-off, struck the ground away from the airfield and was totally destroyed in the ensuing fire. Thankfully all ten crew members evacuated the aircraft swiftly, only receiving minor injuries. 

Fury (n56sf) Ontario - 8. July 2001

Hurricane Hangarfire - 15.3.1993

Spitfire CAF (MK297) Hangarfire - 145.2.1993

Corsair - 19.3.1994

Mosquito RR 299 - 21. July 1996

P63 44-4393 crash 4. Juni 1990

  Spitfire PV202 8. 4. 2000

Hurricane in Santa Monica

Seafury WH588 Paul Morgen 12.5.2001

TE213 15.4.2000

P51 "Littleone" 44-63507 6. Sept.1997

44-63788 24.7.1994

44-74204 Reno 12.9.1994

EE606 Crashed and Destroyed   1.Juli 1989 Snoyman killed.

 Spitfire weltweit

PL983 Crashed during airshow, Rouens, France, Martin Sergeant killed.4 Juni 2001


RW382 San Jose, Ca, USA. (crashed 3/6/98 in CA, USA)  

RM689 27. Juni 1992 video


Pilot of Tuskegee Airmen killed.

Crashed & burned (P51-4511453) / 12. Feb. 1996

44-73832 am 21.11.1992

45-11546 im September 1992

45-11586 am 2. 7. 1990


P51 "Glamorous" 4511381  6. Sept. 2001

1963: N5471V
1981: crashed (Ed Browning)
1983: rebuilt as "Flying Undertaker" #66, C-GRLR (Ritchie Rasmussen)
1985: N151MR (Mickey Rupp), N551CB (Connie Bowlin)
1990: N551CB (Gary Honbarrier) "Glamorous Glen III"

2001: 6th September "Glamorous Glen III Crashed":
45-11381, N551CB, owned by Gary Honbarrier was being flown by Jeff Michael (owner of 44-74936 "Obsession") on Thursday, 6th September, when the P-51 had cooling problems and lost power. After being vectored by ATC to the nearest airport, the engine totally quit, sending them (Jeff and Butch Cauble) through the cloud deck. They came out at about 1200'agl and the plane was clear so they jumped! They are lucky to be alive from a very low altitude jump.

The P-51 was on its way from Salisbury to Springfield, Ohio for a private 357th FG reunion. They filed an IFR flight plan (we don't know if they were in any actual IFR conditions except for the emergency descent). The Charlotte tower received a radio call saying they had engine overheating trouble. They were then vectored to Lincoln County Regional Airport (IPJ). They couldn't make it after losing all power, going down six miles east of the airport, at 11:20AM.

Not all warbird pilots wear parachutes when just flying around, but many do when going cross-country. In this case, being able to parachute to safety was certainly the difference between life and death.

We are very glad to hear that Mr. Michael made it out safe and so did Butch Cauble. The P-51 was destroyed in the crash as a fire started on impact. Both the pilot and the passenger did a heck of a job getting out and getting their chutes opened in just enough time for a "safe" landing. Michael was stuck in a tree for a while and Cauble was taken to a medical center with minor injuries.

Aircraft Restoration Company Bristol Blenheim belly lands at Duxford 18.08.03
The only airworthy Bristol Blenheim made a wheels up landing at Duxford on Monday. The two persons on board walked away from the aircraft uninjured. It is reported that the aircraft itself sustained major damage. For a news report follow the link to the BBC News site (BBC News). 
News: Royal Navy Historic Flight Firefly crashes during Flying Legends Airshow 12.07.03




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